To register a new account on Sociomile, you can visit Once you are there, do these following steps:

  1. You will be in a free trial mode. Please insert your email address and type your password.
  2. Fill in your Company name, your job title, number of employees, then click “Next”.
  3. Insert your name and your phone number. Click “Sign Up” button to start.
  4. After you are successfully signing up, go to your registered email. Find an account verification mail from Sociomile.
  • You will find this in your inbox. There are three ways to verify your account. First, you can click “Verify now” button, copying the link provided to your browser, or fill in the code “a2a541241df3362a86244758a392113a” in the activation page.

  • This is the appearance of the activation page. If you choose to use the code to verify your account, you can copy-paste the code, and then click “Verify” button.
  1. After you finished registering, go to to log in to your Sociomile account. Insert your email address, the password, and click “Login” button.

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