Sociomile provides packages that will suit your preferences. There are Entrepreneur Package, Growing Startup Package, and Enterprise Package. Those four packages have their own benefits such as: numbers of activated channels, numbers of account by channel, and some access to report, escalation, dashboard features, and publishing contents onto your social media accounts.

Entrepreneur Package was made for people who run a personal business. If you want to personally engage with your customer through your social media accounts, you can choose this package. It will allow you to respond comments and publish contents.

As a part of a startup team, you may need to communicate with your clients and customers in the easiest and integrated way. The Growing Startup Package lets you to interact with them through your company emails. Moreover, in this current situation, social media have been used as the easiest way in promoting stuff. You can use features from this package that will facilitate you to spread the information all at once. However, managing different social media accounts might be a trouble for you. If you are hiring some agents to handle it, you will need to check their performance and productivity. Report feature that provided in this package, will support to do the job.

The package choices will determine features that you will get. The Enterprise package is provided with the most complete service. You are able to add various channel more than what is available in the other two packages above. It is equipped with Escalate feature that can be used by your agents to collaborate with other team across the company. Therefore, your team will have a consistent answer for replying your customers’ questions or complaints. This way also will make them work quickly and practically.

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