When you have finished having a conversation with your customer or the case has just finished being handled by the agents and team, you can close the ticket.

  1. The ticket can be closed by clicking the check box (see the red arrow). Click “Action” option and choose “Close”.

close 2.png

  1. Another way to close the ticket is by opening the ticket. Click “Close Ticket” option.

close 4.png

  1. There will be a dialogue box to confirm the action. Click “Yes, close it!” or “Cancel” to do a cancellation.

close 5.png

  1. You can close some tickets or all of them at once by clicking “Select All”. Those tickets will be checked automatically and then click “Close”.

close 3.png

  1. Next, a dialogue box will appear. You will be offered to set the Ticket Tag. Choose one of them from the list if you need to.

close 6.png

  1. Click “Yes, close it!” to proceed and the ticket tag will be applied to all selected ticket.

Close 7.png

  1. Click “X” to remove the ticket tag. Note that it is only possibly done before you close the ticket.

close 8.png