There are some cases that need a special treatment. You have to discuss it first with your team from other department. As an agent, you can use escalation feature.

  1. Open the ticket, click “New Escalation” tab. Choose an escalation group from the list, click it. You can attach a file by clicking “Choose File” (see the red arrow). Click “Send Escalation” to proceed.

Escalation 4.png

  1. Once you want to add an attachment by clicking “Choose File”, a dialogue box will appear. Choose the file and then click “Open”.

Escalation 6.png

  1. The file attached name will appear next to “Choose File” button. Indicating that the file is successfully attached.

escalation 7.png

  1. If you want to remove the file or mistakenly attach the wrong file and want to exchange it with other file, click the file name next to “Choose File” button. There will be a dialogue box appeared. Choose the file and then click “Cancel”. The file is successfully removed (see the red arrow).

escalation 8.png